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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to...?

We ship to every country on all 6 populated continents.

How long does shipping take? What is the mailing fee?

  Standard mail Express delivery
Shipped from...
USA $5.99 or €4.99
2-4 business days
$19.99 or €16.99
1-3 business days
European Union
Norway, Switzerland
$5.99 or €4.99
2-6 business days
$12.99 or €9.99
1-3 business days
Canada, Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine $5.99 or €4.99
4-10 business days
$19.99 or €16.99
1-4 business days
Other $5.99 or €4.99
4-10 business days
$19.99 or €16.99
1-4 business days

Are there any other payment options besides credit card and wire transfer?

We also accept Western Union Money Transfer. Please contact us with your order.

Will the PS/2 keyloggers work on USB keyboards with special adapters?

Generally not. In most cases you need a USB keylogger for USB keyboards.

Can I retrieve logged data on a different computer than it was recorded?

Of course! This is the whole sense of it.

Do you provide personal data of previous customers?

No. This data is confidential and used only for warranty purposes.

Can you connect and disconnect the keylogger when power is up?

For PS/2 keyloggers theoretically not (however we haven't heard about any damage so far). For the USB keylogger it's OK to hot-plug the keyboard and logger.

Is this legal?

Technically speaking, you should contact a lawyer to get detailed information about the local laws, and the application for which you intend to use this device for. Generally it's permitted to monitor your own computer, meaning you can watch what your kids and family are doing on the computer. If you want to monitor your employees, or perform any other type of surveillance, you should display a clear notice about this fact. It is obviously NOT LEGAL to use this device for any type spying, or stealing confidential data.