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Wi-Fi USB hardware keylogger released! KeyGrabber Wi-Fi keyloggers are dual-function: hardware key logger and USB flash disk
for instant data retrieve. No drivers required, works with any USB keyboard, time-stamping option available. Up to 4 GB of memory!
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Keylogger comparisonPS/2 & USB hardware keylogger comparison

Keystroke recorder benefitsKeystroke recorder benefits

How to order?
How to order?

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Plug & Play
Hardware Keylogger quick install
Plug & play install, no access to operating system required.

USB Flash Drive mode
USB Download Accelerator
USB technology! Retrieve entire key logger hardware memory within seconds. Available in PS/2 and USB hardware keylogger versions.

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KeyGrabber Module

Full integration

This hardware keylogger module is a special version of the KeyGrabber USB and the KeyGrabber PS/2, embeddable inside a keyboard. Low profile board and universal 0.1" connectors guarantee compatibility with every PS/2 and USB keyboard available. Once mounted inside the keyboard, this keystroke recorder is completely invisible for the eye and for software.
KeyGrabber Module
Click to enlarge image!


  • Create your own secure keyboard from any PS/2 or USB keyboard

  • Completely invisible for the eye

  • Transparent to computer operation, undetectable for security scanners

  • Memory protected with strong 128-bit encryption

  • Economy buy, prices from $ (€)

  • Windows and Linux compatible

  • Quick and easy national layout support

  • Complete functionality of the KeyGrabber USB or KeyGrabber PS/2

KeyGrabber Module

Prices and versions

VersionMemory sizePrice
16 MB
(128 Mbit)
$ or €
2 GB
(16 Gbit)
$ or €
16 MB
(128 Mbit)
$ or €
2 GB
(16 Gbit)
$ or €

Interested in resale? Check our resale prices for quantities over 5 units.

Find out more

KeyGrabber Module - installationKeyGrabber Module - installation

Short installation guide. Please read before purchasing.
KeyGrabber USB Module - data playbackKeyGrabber USB Module - data playback
KeyGrabber PS/2 Module - data playback

Retrieving recorded data works just as in the standard (non-modular) versions.
KeyGrabber Module - User GuideKeyGrabber Module - User Guide

Detailed product information and specifications.

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