New Amiga 500 to Amiga CD32 adapter

Our Amiga 500 to Amiga CD32 power conversion adapter has been released. This allows to use a standard Amiga 500 power supply to power a CD32 machine. Converts Amiga 500 DIN5 square plug to Amiga CD32 DIN4 round plug and conveys +5V and +12V DC.

More information here:

New power supply cables

Exchangeable power supply cables for the RetroPower PSU series. The RetroPower PSU series features a universal DIN7/DIN8 output power socket, which allows replacing the power cable. This in turn allows a single RetroPower PSU to be used for example for a C64 and C128 system, just by replacing the power cable. For more information visit:

New Amiga CD32 Power Supply

Amiga CD32 Power Supply released. We've upgraded our PSU line with the Amiga CD32 Modern and RetroPower PSU Amiga CD32 power supplies. Available with a wide variety of features, such as OLED digital display, touch sensor, LED-logo, US 120V and International 230V versions. For more information visit: